My 2023 Predictions

My 2023 Predictions by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Ah, the annual predictions piece, the conservative scribbler’s best friend and perennial go-to column, the easiest topic outside fake Indians, perverted presidents, and the gnarly predilections of creepy Never Trump weirdos.

First, let me review how crappy I did last year in a Stream of Kurtiousness video listing my predictions. I thought the Dems would run away from COVID insanity. They kind of walked away, but a lot of sissy Dems are still yearning for public health serfdom. I was sort of right.

I recommended that we make it harder for stupid people to vote. That did not happen. In 2022, stupid people voted in droves.

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I predicted that Putin would take Ukraine, and he did take a bunch of it. But the Ukrainians took some back. I predicted Xi would take Taiwan, and he hasn’t for reasons I cannot fathom. The communist scumbag has a golden opportunity, and he’s letting it go. Well, I give him credit for his evil and renew my prediction below.

I predicted that President Gumby might leave office in 2022. He did not. I predicted that the midterm would be “an abortion.” Nailed it. Sadly, I also predicted that we would have a red tsunami, and that we would win the Senate, so there we go.

I predicted the border would “sort of close up.” Oops.

Adios 2022, you garbage year of sucking. Welcome 2023, which will also probably be a garbage year of sucking.

I think that Xi will take Taiwan, mostly because I cannot imagine him passing on the strategic synergy of failure that is Joe Biden + a woke, losing military + his own need to draw attention away from the myriad failures of communism.

I expect Ukraine to bog down into a slugging match. Even if the Russians generate the combat power to re-take the initiative in the spring, they are not going to overrun the whole country. The Ukrainian elite is trash, but the people are tough and drunk and will never quit. Look for a break-up of the blank check coalition in Congress, though. I think the American people are sick of it and it is bubbling up to Capitol Hill. Ukraine will still get money, but there will be real push-back.

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