Chilling AI predicts future nuclear war with attacks on London, Moscow and Washington

Chilling AI predicts future nuclear war with attacks on London, Moscow and Washington from End Time Headlines

GNN Note – AI is not really necessary for this predictions for those that have been paying attention. President Putin has stated, publicly, on numerous occasions that he will strike the U.S. if there is any type of attack, or movement in the direction of an attack on Russia. The war-pigs in DC are now moving equipment and armament in position to attack Russia. / END

Artificial intelligence has offered a horrifying vision of what the world faces in nuclear armageddon and World War 3. Responding to prompts such as “nuclear bomb”, “war” and “apocalypse” – the AI tool produced a series of truly grim pictures which could offer a glimpse into the future.

Pictures show devastating cityscapes burning with what could be nuclear fire and grim-looking soldiers amongst the ruins. Mushroom clouds rise over desolate landscapes – including one seen looming beside the US Capitol building in Washington DC.

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Strange-looking machines rumble in what the AI envisioned could be the weapons of the future And lone figures walk amongst eerie, unrecognizable hellscapes when the AI was asked who it thinks could be the “last man on earth”. Huge fireballs are seen descending toward burning cities in what could be a nuclear attack.

Soldiers walk amongst ruined landscapes as aircraft, appearing to be giant quadcopter drones fly overhead. And when asked about what could happen to London, it produced what appears to be an image of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. And another image shows what could be Oxford or Regent Street utterly deserted as it’s left in total ruin.

Other images show a horde of hopeless-looking people stood amongst the ruins of an unidentified city. Piles of rubble surround them as they hunker beneath the ruins of what may have once been a skyscraper. And one chilling image shows the Washington Monument – two of them – with a mushroom cloud rising around them.

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