Skeptics Do NOT Want You to Watch This Video About the Ark (Video)

Skeptics Do NOT Want You to Watch This Video About the Ark Video by Answers In Genesis

Skeptics have proposed endless objections to Noah’s ark: how could it fit all those animals? Isn’t it just a fairy tale copied from other myths? How did Noah find all the animals and put them on the ark? This video will answer the top 20 objections to Noah’s ark and the flood and will show you that Christians have real reasons to believe the truth of God’s Word as found in the book of Genesis.
0:00 – Intro
0:07 – How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark?
0:42 – How big was the ark?
1:36 – How many animals were on the ark?
6:19 – How many people built the ark?
7:16 – Was it just a local flood?
9:18 – Wasn’t the ark box-shaped?
10:32 – What is gopher wood?
11:20 – How long did it take to build?
12:26 – How did Noah find the animals?
12:57 – Wasn’t the ark pretty small?
13:42 – Wouldn’t a wooden ship this huge break and sink?
14:28 – Wasn’t the ark copied from ancient myths?
15:34 – Was there no rain before the flood?
16:04 – Were there no rainbows before the flood?
16:37 – Was Noah an amateur?
16:58 – Did the flood last 40 days and 40 nights?
17:10 – Was Noah mocked while preaching?
17:42 – Who was Noah’s wife?
18:36 – Who was Noah?
19:58 – Why does the ark matter?

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