US bishop: Biden, Pelosi serve ‘godless agendas’ of same-sex ‘marriage,’ abortion

US bishop: Biden, Pelosi serve ‘godless agendas’ of same-sex ‘marriage,’ abortion by Life Site News staff for Life Site News

GNN Note – The more time a person spends digging into the federal government of the United States, the institutions of government, Hollywood, art in general and the music industry the more evidence one will find that points to a group of satanic-globalist that not only the citizens of this country, but they absolutely want to end Christianity around the world. / END

On this episode, Bishop Joseph Strickland condemns the many “godless agendas” bombarding our nation and Church, and calls out two notable self-professed Catholics, President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, for serving those agendas.

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His Excellency says Pelosi will eventually “rue” the role she played in influencing events “in an evil direction.” He also points out the difficulty of understanding the true beliefs of Pelosi and Biden vis-à-vis same-sex “marriage” and abortion.

“Sadly, the problem with politicians, too many of them, it’s hard to know what they really believe. It’s because they’re just saying what gets them elected, because their job is to get re-elected, so that then they can have all their access and do all the stuff they do as elected politicians, rather than serving the people,” says Strickland.

In response to the increasing popularity of transhumanist ideas, another “godless agenda,” Bishop Strickland advises the world to first and foremost ask God what His will is. Only then can we recover some understanding of who we are and why we are here, which sets us up to live and act well.

“The number one question humanity needs to ask is, ‘What’s God’s will? Exactly what is God’s plan for us?’” he says. “And certainly he’s given us the ability to reason, and to shape things, and to seek justice, and to seek a better system. But when we leave God out of the picture, it gets really dangerous and really harmful to everyone.”

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