Vaxicarditis, Vaccidents, and Vaccimentia all to INCREASE thanks to Wuhan spike protein “boosters” and toxic seasonal flu shots

Vaxicarditis, Vaccidents, and Vaccimentia all to INCREASE thanks to Wuhan spike protein “boosters” and toxic seasonal flu shots by:  for Natural News

Clots are clumps that occur when a liquid hardens or coagulates into a solid. The mRNA Covid vaccines give instructions to human cells to create millions, if not billions, of microscopic spike proteins or ‘prions’ that are now realized by scientists to have the ability to attract heavy metals and coagulate or clot in the vascular system. Most people think of blood clots when they hear the word “clot,” but coroners and embalmers are finding strange, white, rubbery clots in Covid-vaccinated bodies, and these fibrous clots are just as deadly, if not more so, than blood clots.

These vaccine-induced clots are driving massive inflammation in the body, collecting in cleansing organs, invading ovaries, and even spreading into the heart and brain. What happens when a few billion sheeple start getting Covid boosters loaded with more spike proteins, and influenza “flu” shots, some of which contain mercury (listed as thimerosal on multi-dose jabs)?

Heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and dementia can’t all be blamed on “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” forever, as the truth is ‘clotting up’ and rearing its ugly head

Nearly every chronic health issue that anyone suffers seems to be exacerbated by the spike protein invasion that comes from incessant prions created by the mRNA jabs. People who already have certain cancers, such as T-cell lymphoma, are experiencing “turbo cancer” where tumors suddenly grow at exponential rates. Even people who are perfectly healthy (like military members and professional athletes) are suffering suddenly from myocarditis, pericarditis, irregular heartbeats, and heart attacks.

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Many folks are experiencing clots in their vascular system that don’t even resemble blood clots. Who can explain this horrific phenomenon that’s happening to healthy people who get the Fauci Flu clot shots? This are not blood clots, but rather clots that are compounded with long, stringy, white, elastic structures that contain heavy metalssomehow collected from the body and blood.

A seasoned embalmer who ran autopsies on bodies that were Covid-vaccinated distinguish these vaccine-induced clots as being very different from blood clots, saying, “Typically a blood clot is smooth. It is blood that’s coagulated together but when you squeeze it, or touch it, or try to pick it up, it generally falls apart. You can almost squeeze between your fingers and almost get it back to blood again. But this white fibrous stuff is pretty strong, it’s not weak at all.”

Are these clots inside most of the Covid-vaccinated masses, and growing slowly? How many people will drop dead, or have heart attacks, or strokes, or seizures soon from these, and will the cases increase rapidly this winter when all these vax-crazed folks get boosters and toxic flu shots?

Vaxicarditis, Vaccidents and Vaccimentia

Problems with the heart that are related to the spike protein injections are now being referred to as vaxicarditis. When people have a sudden ‘episode’ and faint or pass out while driving a vehicle because the spike proteins clot their blood and oxygen flow to the brain, those incidents are being named vaccidents. People who were perfectly healthy before they got any Covid gene therapy stabs, and now are experiencing severe brain fog, memory loss, and drastic change of personality, are being referred to as having vaccimentia (like vaccine-induced dementia).

At least two dozen coroners and embalmers have reported finding these white, rubbery clots inside of bodies that have received at least one Covid clot shot. They are reporting that some bodies are “flooded” with these stringy structures, including in their organs and ovaries, and this is in over 70 PERCENT of the bodies being embalmed.

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