How To Make Republicans And Others Ditch Ukraine

How To Make Republicans And Others Ditch Ukraine by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Some of the best friends of Vladimir Putin and Russia are some of the very same people who think that they are the best buddies of Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine. Oh, they will deny it. They like to think of themselves as smart, courageous defenders of democracy – and they are none of those things. Instead of rallying America behind the plucky Ukrainian people, the UKR emoji set is well down the road to alienating a significant number of Americans from assisting Ukraine, including much of the Republican Party. Eventually, it will be a majority, and then it will solidify into a consensus and be reflected in the ballot box. And then Ukraine will be well and truly screwed – it sure as hell can’t rely on the euro eunuchs. 

Why will this happen? Because the DC establishment has decided that Ukraine policy is beyond debate, and not subject to input or question by the plebes. They make no argument for why we should support Ukraine – and there are potentially good arguments to be made, once we figure out exactly what America’s objective is. What they do is slander, anyone, not cozy and cuddly with the Official Approved Narrative™ – get on board or get trashed. The total, obnoxious refusal of our garbage ruling caste to even address the legitimate concerns of the American public regarding our blank-check, audit-free funding of the Russo-Ukrainian War is the best way to ensure that America will eventually stop supporting the underdogs. 

“Harrumph!” sniff the smart people in the Beltway, “Have you seen the polls? A majority of American voters support helping Ukraine!” They do, ten months in. Where do you think they will be a year and another unexplained, undebated $100 billion from now? Americans change their mind when Washington lies to them. Remember Vietnam? That Democrat war ended when the American people decided to stop it. So did Afghanistan, though President Badfinger mistook disgust at 20 years of deceit and incompetence for cowardice and ran away, leaving over a dozen Americans in metal boxes. The point is that this cannot go on forever. If you want to keep supporting Ukraine, you better convince the American people that it is in America’s interest instead of telling them to shut up and reach for their wallets.

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First, let’s be clear – regardless of what the increasingly ineffectual Mitch McConnell says, Ukraine is not the Number One priority of the Republican Party, and if it is the Number One priority of the Republican congressional delegation then that disconnect makes it crystal clear why the GOP managed to turn the red wave into the red Jeffrey Toobin Zoom call.

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