Healing, Absolution, Forgiveness

Healing, Absolution, Forgiveness by Robert W Malone MD, MS for Who Is Robert Malone? – SubStack

Recognition that almost all have been victimized

Rising at 3:30 AM last night to check on the pregnant mares in this freezing weather that has swept the Eastern US (all are good), I just could not get back to sleep. Friday’s events would not leave me alone, and I struggled to make sense of the prior day.

It began with an on-line interview with a prominent broadcaster who has become known for his skepticism about all things other than the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, a paradox to many given his point of view on almost everything else the US Federal government tries to justify. Later came a much more hostile interview, with the eventual reveal that the interviewer was a longstanding friend of an elderly couple who have repeatedly attacked and defamed me without provocation for what they and their followers consider the sin of endorsing the theories of Dr. Mattias Desmet, and accusing me of the specific transgression of having coined the term “mass formation psychosis”. A term and concept I first learned of by watching a podcast recorded on October 20, 2021. Not so Merry Christmas.

Restlessly pondering the second interview until dawn after checking on the mares in the dark freezing cold, I came to conclude that haters are going to hate, and that is just the nature of today’s internet reality. This tempest in a teapot boils down to one Psychiatrist with a less popular book taking shots at another Psychologist with a more popular book, and my getting caught in the crossfire. How any of this actually helps advance understanding of the COVIDcrisis or heal the wounds inflicted on all of us completely escapes me. But there it is. The crossfire quickly escalated from accusations that I had invented the offending phrase (which I did not!) to being accused of mass murder and repeatedly defamed by people I have never met, for things that I did not do. Welcome to my life.

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In contrast to the second interview (which pretty much spoiled the following dinner out with friends immediately after), as the first interview progressed, my sense was that this first interviewer was seeking some form of absolution for his prior vaccine position.

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