The Impaired Vision of World Remakers

The Impaired Vision of World Remakers By Anthony J. DeBlasi for American Thinker

The natural desire of good men is knowledge. – Leonardo da Vinci

The free-wheeling, self-directed explorations of my childhood, including untutored studies of nature, yielded a wealth of information about the world that I would not have received otherwise. Growing up in an environment of unbounded freedom of thought (in Brooklyn, New York!) was part of childhood in America before the invasion of brain-snatching digital screens took possession of minds and shifted gaze away from the actual world. My unhampered explorations of the real world taught me a good deal more than I was getting in school, in books, and on field trips.

I enjoyed such extracurricular observation of the world. It seemed to me, without much thought about it, that it was good training for the mind. Instinctively I felt that even the simplest objects of nature, for example, held information that helps grow the mind.

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Wasn’t such focused attention even to “trifling” details about the world a source of information that inspired and fired the minds of inventors, scientists, writers, artists, and countless others who make life a richer experience than otherwise possible?

Close attention, even to small matters, is a trait common to the thoughtful, something that seems to be missing from many who call themselves “progressive.” I venture to say that numerous “progressives” have little use for knowledge of the actual world, eager to reinvent it rather than learn from it. The worldview of “progressives” tends to wrap around useful abstractions instead of meaningful data, a path to invalid conclusions. The consequences of inattention to reality can be devastating – how much so can be gleaned from the condition of the world today.

If I keep putting the word “progressive” in quotes it is because this word is ambivalent. Selecting two among the many possibilities associated with progress: there can be progress toward a better life for all, and there can be progress toward a degraded life for all. Which kind of progress are “progressives” intent on? For most of today’s political heavyweights the answer is evidently progress toward degradation of the many. I say this as a witness (among millions of witnesses) to the insane project of “resetting” (remaking) the entire world, regardless of what gets destroyed and regardless of the countless many who perish, or the billions subjected to enslavement in the process.

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