Hotsenpiller Teaches On Supernatural Breakthrough After 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Hotsenpiller Teaches On Supernatural Breakthrough After 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting by Shelby Bowen for Charisma News

God’s design was never for you to live an ordinary life, only connecting with Him one day a week on Sunday’s. The body of Christ is meant to be bold and unashamed of the gospel, especially in an era where Christian values are mocked and looked at as less than. We sat down with Tammy Hotsenpiller to talk about living a supernatural life, fasting and prayer.

“I believe we, as the church today, are ashamed of our faith and weak to declare our testimony. I am sure I am pushing some buttons right now, but please hear me out,” Hotsenpiller says in an exclusive Charisma News interview.

In her book “Fasting For Miracles” Hotsenpiller says, “Are we so different from our Old Testament family? It doesn’t really matter what period of history you are in; Satan’s plan is the same: to bring fear and pride together at the same time. Daniel knew the only way to reach the heart of God was with confession, repentance, prayer and FASTING—in that order! What if we—yes, you and me, and the church and believers—sought God with that formula, and asked for forgiveness and revival in our world? Do you think we would see something different than we are seeing today? I do! Oh, that we might have more leaders like Daniel!”

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Right before the pandemic started, Hotsenpiller was led by the Holy Spirit to start prayer walking. “I was on my walk…and I remember saying ‘what is happening God?'”

On her prayer walk God gave her a vision of three arrows shooting throughout the Earth.

“I saw an arrow and it literally shot, and on the arrow it said ‘fear’ and it shot in a sea of humanity. As quickly as that disappeared, a second arrow came and it shot, and there were steeples all over churches and on the arrow it said ‘dissention.'”

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