Confronting a Naked Emperor

Confronting a Naked Emperor by Robert W Malone MD, MS for Who Is Robert Malone – SubStack

Eulogy for a child of my mind

It is a cold, gray, rainy day today here in Virginia along the base of the Shenandoah National Park. Winter is upon us. Somehow we need to blanket the pregnant mares, as the next few days are going to really get cold, and one should never blanket a wet horse. Yesterday was constant interviews and podcasts from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with hardly a moment to catch a bite to eat or make yet another cup of strong coffee. I am still waiting for my luggage to make it back from Zurich, and the space under the tree remains barren – no time to shop for presents. Am I whining? Well, maybe just a bit. But if you think that traveling about 400,000 commercial air miles in one year is your idea of a good time, then please, by all means, have at it.

The events of the last year stretch out in my consciousness, blurring into a fog of constant travel, discussions, speeches, testimony, presentations, controversy, propaganda, and published attacks from all sides. For me, 2022 launched with the Joe Rogan podcast (#1757) and all of the controversy that event generated, and now the year is ending with a flood of data from all over the world which validates pretty much every single thing (and more!) that I had discussed back then, so long ago it seems a different age. Between Tucker Carlson’s reveal concerning the role of the CIA in the Dallas, TX assassination of President John F. Kennedy and disclosure of the “Twitter Files”, the curtain is drawing to a close on 2022. In my mind, these two disclosures are bookends, the first involving one of my first memories as a five year old child, the second documenting a current profound evil which I have sensed and personally experienced but have been unable to confirm.

Both events have revealed to those able to see that the intelligence and security arms of the US Imperial Administrative State have become enemies of the US Constitution which they were designed and sworn to protect. Step by step, day by day, the country and limited federal government system which our forefathers have bequeathed to us has been transformed into a massive totalitarian security state which strives to rule both the physical world and the inner world of our minds.

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Yeats’ “Second Coming” seems most appropriate for summarizing the arc of this most disappointing of years. The cognitive dissonance is almost overwhelming, and yet we must somehow come to terms with the profound widespread loss of integrity which has become a defining characteristic of both US and global governance (not to mention corporate media).

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