Top Australian doctor who aggressively promoted covid vaccines breaks silence, admits she and partner both injured by jabs

Top Australian doctor who aggressively promoted covid vaccines breaks silence, admits she and partner both injured by jabs by:  for Natural News

Despite having aggressively pushed the drugs at the height of the covid saga, former Australian Medical Association Pres. Dr. Kerryn Phelps recently confessedthat covid “vaccines” destroyed the health of both her and her partner.

Phelps says the side effects she and her partner experienced after getting jabbed have been “devastating.” Some were short-lived while others have persisted to this very day, leaving the two with serious injuries that may never resolve no matter how long they wait and hope for healing.

Phelps has appeared in numerous interviews to talk about the issue, as well as written to the appropriate authorities to tell of her and her partner’s negative experience. Phelps stressed in pretty much all of them that almost nobody on the inside is willing to address the elephant in the room due to fear of backlash.

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“This is an issue that I have witnessed first-hand with my wife who suffered a severe neurological reaction to her first Pfizer vaccine within minutes, including burning face and gums, paraesthesia, and numb hands and feet, while under observation by myself, another doctor and a registered nurse at the time of immunisation,” Phelps wrote in a submission to Parliament’s Long Covid inquiry.

“I continue to observe the devastating effects a year-and-a-half later with the addition of fatigue and additional neurological symptoms including nerve pains, altered sense of smell, visual disturbance and musculoskeletal inflammation. The diagnosis and causation has been confirmed by several specialists who have told me that they have seen ‘a lot’ of patients in a similar situation.”

Mass underreporting, Phelps added, has made it difficult for the general public to gain a clear picture as to the serious risks involved with getting injected. The prevailing narrative is that the shots are “safe and effective,” and that only a few people here and there are getting sick or injured – but this is not true.

“I have had CT pulmonary angiogram, ECG, blood tests, cardiac echogram, transthoracic cardiac stress echo, Holter monitor, blood pressure monitoring and autonomic testing,” Phelps added about what she experienced after getting her second dose of Pfizer in July 2021.

“In my case the injury resulted in dysautonomia with intermittent fevers and cardiovascular implications including breathlessness, inappropriate sinus tachycardia and blood pressure fluctuations.” (Related: Remember when it was revealed that Australian politicians were being blackmailed and accepting bribes to impose covid jab mandates?)

Few in government are brave or honorable enough to tackle the covid jab scandal

Phelps says she reported all of this to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’s equivalent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but that the government agency “never followed up.” Phelps has also talked to other doctors “who have themselves experienced a severe and persistent adverse event,” but that “vaccine injury is a subject that few in the medical profession have wanted to talk about.”

“Regulators of the medical profession have censored public discussion about adverse events following immunization, with threats to doctors not to make any public statements about anything that ‘might undermine the government’s vaccine rollout’ or risk suspension or loss of their registration,” Phelps is further quoted as saying.

The only thing the Australian government seems to care about is injecting as many people as possible as quickly as possible. And while the truth about the health risks is really starting to spread, what is not as clear to the general public is just how prevalent these deadly adverse events truly are.

“This is partly because of under-reporting and under-recognition,” Phelps told the media.

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