The Democrats Are About to Split the Country Irreparably

The Democrats Are About to Split the Country Irreparably from Institute for Political Economy

Paul Craig Roberts

I have watched and warned for years while American unity was dismantled and the history of our country falsely rewritten. The liberals are responsible, as some have acknowledged, blaming their trust of the left who maintained that they just wanted to broaden the discussion when in fact the left intended to close all discussion and impose their narratives, which they have now done.

The closure of debate and free speech has spread from the university to the public schools to the corporate executive suite, to the military, to the media, to entertainment, to the medical profession. Those who dissent openly or even accidentally from the official narratives are censored, cancelled, fired, demonized, and if they were present at the US Capitol on January 6 framed as insurrectionists and imprisoned.

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It is now taken for granted in the major institutions of the US that white ethnicities are racist by nature and thereby guilty of oppressing black people. All meritocracy, success measures, literature, English language, math and science are declared to be tools of white oppression. Universities and medical schools have abandoned admission standards and course grading. The military, corporations, universities, and government agencies require white employees to submit to “sensitivity training” and to accept promotions of “preferred minorities” based not on merit, but on skin color and sexual preference. Sensitivity training has now been extended into special treatment for sexual perverts and those claiming to be transgendered. Perversion has been normalized, and it is the large majority of normal heterosexual white ethnicities who are the outcasts known as “Trump Deplorables.” Critical race theory is used to teach white kids that they and their parents are racists. Drag queens put on demonstrations in public schools, and kids are told that they are whatever gender they decide.

One consequence is that truth has been stamped out by outrageous lies that everyone knows are lies. For example, America is based on racism because a ship called on an early British colony and traded a few black slaves for provisions. According to the New York Time’s 1619 Project, this is all it takes to interpret the entirety of American history as racist. Who enslaved the blacks is an unasked question, because the blacks were enslaved by the black king of Dahomey whose armies conducted slave wars. The blacks brought to the colonies were enslaved by other blacks prior to their arrival. These facts are denied in order to demonize white ethnicities, destroy their confidence, and implant guilt so that they willingly turn over power and wealth to darker skinned peoples. Notice also, that the same people who insist that the US is a racist country also insist that the Civil War was fought to free the black slaves. Now why would a racist country do that?

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