Surrendering To The Far-Left Fascists’ War On Language Is A Losing Strategy

Surrendering To The Far-Left Fascists’ War On Language Is A Losing Strategy by  for The Blue State Conservative

Anti-liberty leftists lie with language like it’s a bodily function. It’s always a mistake to use their poll tested terms for crisis they create to grab even more control because it hides their guilt.

Everybody has their own special talents and as a collective, the anti-liberty Left has a distinct ability to promulgate big and little lies with language.

Lying leftists — yes, we know that’s both repetitive and redundant — are masters at mendacity and the greatest at gaslighting. Anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far-Left tend to be failures at everything in life except being able to lie with the best of them.

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But of course, this is a survival skill for them. White-tailed deer can quickly move through the forest. Cuttlefish can blend in with their surroundings, and leftists must lie because no one with a modicum of sanity would support them (other than in the cemeteries) if they knew the true nature of their national socialist agenda.

This is because their modus operandi has consistently been to fabricate a societal problem then frame it as a “crisis”, all before absolving themselves of any guilt while simultaneously providing a ‘pathway’ to power for themselves.

Daniel Greenfield recently produced a video on the subject: Define the Crisis to Defeat the Left.

He makes the very good point that arguing with the fascist far-left on their terms automatically places you at a disadvantage. The best example is when many conservatives shoot themselves in the foot by referring to them as liberals — when we do, we are constantly helping the Left deceive everyone that they have the least bit of interest in the concept of ‘liberty.’ Or, acknowledging that there isn’t a “gun violence” problem, rather the Left’s “pro-crime” policy problem.

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