How Do We Raise Up Bible-Minded Kids in a Lost and Chaotic Culture?

How Do We Raise Up Bible-Minded Kids in a Lost and Chaotic Culture? By  for Faith Wire

How do we raise Bible-minded children in a chaotic culture?

That’s what Dr. Kathy Koch, founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., tackles in her latest book, “Resilient Kids: Raising Them to Embrace Life with Confidence.”

“One of the things that does concern me is … the helicoptering, the overprotection of children, the bubble-wrapping of kids,” she said. “I’m concerned about that because children need to grow up and develop their own strength. They can’t always depend upon a mom and a dad or a teacher.”

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Koch said kids’ character is strengthened and faith is developed after people face challenges — and overcome them. Overprotecting children can weaken them because they cannot have these overcomer moments. Koch also described the power and importance of “resiliency.”

“Resiliency is readily recovering from difficulties, readily coming back from trauma, grief, fear, loss,” she said.

Another question many Christian parents today struggle with is how to ensure their kids love Jesus throughout their lives — and not simply because their parents told them to.

Koch said it all comes down to the practical examples we set as parents.

“Do they see that we use God and His Word for decision-making?” she asked. “When you have a biblical worldview, God is your foundation and His truth guides your decision-making about what you spend money on, what you spend your time on.”

Koch said it’s all about our children seeing us live out authentic biblical truth in our lives.

She also discussed why she believes so many parents are now actively involved in their kids’ education, turning up at school board meetings and making their voices heard.

Koch said the dynamic is the result, in part, of COVID-19 procedures and lockdowns — happenings that gave parents a clear lens, via Zoom and other online learning tools, into what was being taught in classrooms.

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