Is the Tribulation Coming in 2023?

Is the Tribulation Coming in 2023? by Shelby Bowen for Charisma News

Are we entering the tribulation? Is there a false prophet gaining attention in Israel right now? A man called Rav Shlomo Yehuda has been popping up across social media and some are calling him Elijah or the messiah. We are breaking down whether or not prominent rabbi’s are following him around and if he is performing miracles.

In an exclusive Charisma News interview, Pastor Mark Biltz, the founder of El Shaddai Ministries, shared insight into what is going on in Israel and end-times clues to be looking out for.

Although some believe that Shlomo has memorized the entire Torah and Talmud, Biltz is more than skeptical about what’s being spread online. “He’s making a big stir within his own little cult group. Ninety-Nine percent of Israel doesn’t even know him. Christians are passing him around on the media, but that isn’t what Israel believes,” Biltz says.

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Despite what is being spread across social media, Biltz tells people not to assume this is a big movement happening within Israel.

What people should be looking out for?

Biltz is the author of “Decoding the Anti-Christ and the End Times” and has incredible insight on Hebrew society and the culture of the day when the Bible was written. This is extremely crucial into understanding the end-times signs.

One of those insights include the Jewish calendar. The solar and lunar calendar has the months synchronized to the moon and the years to the sun. The calendar system we follow is solely based off the sun.

Most people don’t know “The time frame from Adam to Abraham.”

When you look at the date that Abraham was born, 1948 on the Hebrew calendar, that is the same year Israel became a nation on the secular Gregorian calendar.

What else does the calendar reveal? “Abraham was 75-years-old when he entered the promise land and received the promise he would inherit it. Well if you add 75 to our 1948, that’s 2023. That is this year, we are now approaching, can you believe it,” Biltz says.

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