Donald Trump and the Lesson of King Saul

Donald Trump and the Lesson of King Saul by James Lasher for Charisma News

It has become apparent to all outside of the most loyal of Trump supporters, that the former president is undergoing a season of decline.

The choices he makes during this season may very well determine not only his future, but his legacy as well.

If Trump has any hope of a turnaround from his current situation, he would do well to heed the lessons taught by Israel’s first king, Saul.

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Saul was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel. He was picked to carry out the will of the Lord as he led God’s people. He was to be the ultimate example of a godly man in a position of power.

Unfortunately, Saul did not live up to the calling.

Before Saul was even king, he hid from Samuel at his own coronation, putting on hold the will of the Lord.

Many within the evangelical circle believe that God chose Donald Trump as well. And there are many reasons for them to believe that. His conservative and pro-America policies were unexpected and welcome, as was the relationship he forged with Israel. Say what you will about Trump, the Bible says all authority is granted by the Lord, and to not honor the authority granted to those in leadership is to go against the Word of the Lord. It is not a far-fetched statement to say that Donald Trump may well have been the most pro-Israel president in the history of America.

When Saul was finally anointed king, there was a remainder who did not acknowledge his authority. They instead insulted him in a way that called for death. But after his victory over the Philistines, against the will of his supporters, Saul spared the lives of those who had spoken out against his kingship. What Saul may not have thought of was by speaking against his appointment, they were also speaking against God.

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