Three More Prophetic Words of Encouragement to Carry You Into the New Year

Three More Prophetic Words of Encouragement to Carry You Into the New Year by James Lasher for Charisma News

The start of a new calendar year brings with it trepidation and worry about the things to come. Christians can rest their souls and minds in the confidence of the Lord, knowing that He has control over all things including the future. The Bible is filled with uplifting verses for building confidence and faith in the Lord and His plan for our lives. Here are three more uplifting words that the Lord placed on these speakers’ hearts to give you faith, hope and confidence as we enter into another New Year.

Shawn Bolz Prophesies: Get Ready to Sign the Papers

I had a vision this month of pens being given out to so many believers in the body of Christ to sign papers that were some of the most important documents they would sign in their lives. I also saw people taking off a shoe and giving it to another person and making a covenant with them. This is the way it was done many times in the Old Testament world:

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Prophetic Dream: Watch for His Glory to Fall on the Earth by Diane Lake

In a recent article I wrote how I’d had an intriguing dream. It was like I was invited into someone else’s house, yet there was a sense of ownership as well—in particular in regards to three separate orchid plants which I was taken to view. It was as if I owned them or was responsible for them somehow.

Incredibly, one by one these three orchids had all bloomed on the same day, each producing one remarkably large and beautiful bloom. Each bloom had an overwhelming fragrance, as if out of this world. As I buried my face in one and inhaled its scent, I remembered thinking that this must be the smell of heaven. The scent was so overpowering that as I awoke, I was surprised to find it wasn’t real—that I had been dreaming!

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