Is Russia Preparing To Conduct A Massive New Invasion Of Ukraine From The North?

Is Russia Preparing To Conduct A Massive New Invasion Of Ukraine From The North? by  for End of the American Dream

The top general in Ukraine is warning that Russia is currently putting together an enormous new army.  Will Vladimir Putin try to bring about a decisive end to the war by sending this new army into Ukraine from the north?  In recent weeks the Russians have regained the initiative in Ukraine, but if they try to win the conflict by slowly slogging through the heavily fortified plains of eastern Ukraine it could be years before the fighting finally ends.

Obviously Putin would like to be able to declare victory at some point in 2023, but the only way that is going to happen is if the Russians can find a way to cut off the Ukrainian forces in the eastern half of the country from their NATO suppliers.  The way to do that would be to conduct a lightning strike from the north that literally slices Ukraine in half.  The flow of mercenaries and equipment would stop, and the surrounded Ukrainian forces in the east would either be forced to surrender or would eventually be wiped out.

Of course it would take a vast army to successfully conduct such an operation, and the top general in Ukraine says that is precisely what the Russians have been working on

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Russia is building a new 200,000-man army for a second attack on Kyiv that could begin in weeks, Ukraine’s top general has warned.

Valery Zaluzhny, head of the Ukrainian armed forces, believes Vladimir Putin is turning his newly-mobilised men into armies somewhere deep inside Russia which he will throw into fresh attacks on Ukraine.

When Putin first invaded Ukraine in February, he did so with a force around 175,000 men. If General Zaluzhny is correct, any even larger army is already on its way.

Over the past several weeks, there have been lots of videos on social media that supposedly show men and equipment being moved into position.

But just because the Russians are shifting forces around does not mean that a new offensive will actually happen.

General Zaluzhny seems to believe that a new invasion is definitely coming, but he is not sure whether it will come from the north, the east or the south…

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