Humans could become “ageless bionic hybrids” with downloadable brains by 2100

Humans could become “ageless bionic hybrids” with downloadable brains by 2100 from End Time Headlines

Humans in the next 100 years could be part-machine, part-flesh creatures with brain chips and bionic limbs and organs in a vision of the “cyborgs” once described by Elon Musk. Men and women born around 2100 could live in a world very different to ours as humans may be totally connected to the internet and meshed together with artificial intelligence.

Mobile phones would no longer be needed – as everything you now do with your smartphone will now be done with a chip in your brain. With just a thought you could bring up an answer on Google, send a message via WhatsApp, or even control your personal drone to do errands for you. Scientists and futurists have predicted that aging could be nearly totally eliminated through a mixture of treatments and bionics.

And some humans may choose to have their limbs amputated and replaced with more powerful robotic prosthetics. Futurist and transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, who has twice run to be US President, told The Sun Online described his vision of the future – saying it’s imperative humans must merge with AI.

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And he said that humans are already on the way to soon heading down to “body shops or supermarkets” to upgrade themselves. Twitter boss Musk has previously described a world where humanity must become more integrated with technology to compete with AI. Big tech companies are already working on “transhuman” technology – including Musk’s new brain chip, Neuralink.

And when speaking to The Sun Online Istvan said he agreed with the billionaire about the dangers we face. “Musk is absolutely right,” he said. Istvan also said “gene editing” – such as designer babies or splicing your genes to improve your health – is one of the most interesting developments on the horizon.

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