Warnock Will Now Use His Senate Platform To Promote Anti-Biblical Teachings

Warnock Will Now Use His Senate Platform To Promote Anti-Biblical Teachings BY BEN JOHNSON via Prophecy News Watch

Georgia will once again be represented by a pastor who will use the Senate to promote his “rejection of the Bible’s teachings” on issues ranging from abortion to the importance of the resurrection of Christ. Warnock has supported legislation to authorize abortion-on-demand until birth, strip Christians of conscience and religious liberty rights, and claimed Christians who oppose socialism need to “read the Bible” — claiming he holds a biblical position on each topic.

“Raphael Warnock has made his faith and pulpit ministry a central theme of his campaign. Politically, this is strategic, because most Georgia voters value their faith and respect the Christian ministry,” David Closson, director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council, told The Washington Stand. Polls show around two-thirds of Georgian voters consider themselves very religious. “But it’s important to examine the content of Warnock’s faith which is a distillation of textbook theological liberalism.”

Warnock graduated from liberal Union Theological Seminary. Warnock evaded questions about whether he attended a speech from Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, hosted by the Abyssinian Baptist Church in 1995, when Warnock served as its youth leader. As pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, Warnock fills his sermons “with Scripture-specific anecdotes as well as calls for Medicaid expansion and turning out to vote,” the New York Times reported. Voting, he has said, is “a kind of prayer.”

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“Like all forms of theological liberalism, Raphael Warnock’s theology tragically deviates in significant ways from historic Christianity. This is most prominent in his rejection of the Bible’s teaching on marriage, abortion, and sexuality,” Closson told TWS.

Warnock has stubbornly insisted abortion-on-demand is compatible with his role as a minister. When WGAU host Tim Bryant asked how Warnock’s support for abortion-on-demand fit with his position as a “minister, a leader of the church, and a man of God,” Warnock replied: “For me, reproductive justice is consistent with my commitment to that. I believe unequivocally in a woman’s right to choose.”

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