Top 4 most INSIDIOUS SLOGANS that trick consumers into using toxic products, including personal care items, food and medicine

Top 4 most INSIDIOUS SLOGANS that trick consumers into using toxic products, including personal care items, food and medicine By  for Indgredients

It’s a shame the FDA doesn’t protect customers by investigating questionable claims by product makers and distributors, especially ones that claim the exact opposite of what they do. In other words, the world’s most deadly and dangerous products are claiming they are safe, healthy and effective, when they are actually dangerous, harmful and ineffective at what they are supposed to be good for.

This is not just ‘ironic’ but unethical, misleading and should be illegal. This goes for fluoride, vaccines, canola oil and dairy products, which are some of the most “consumed” products in America.

Fluoride and the insidious lie perpetuated in America since WWII

Fluoride, a drug and a by-product of the phosphate mining industry, goes completely unchecked, unregulated and dispensed into municipal water across the United States. Any child, teen or adult can drink as much water as they want, ingesting this chemical-based additive that causes cancer, brittle bones and weakening of teeth enamel. That’s right folks, weakening, not strengthening. There are natural ways to help remove toxic fluoride from your body.

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Sodium fluoride is horrible for teeth, bones, cleansing organs and the pineal gland. Want to calcify yourself while still living? Drink lots of tap water and use fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride is a known carcinogen that the United States imports from China’s industrial waste factories and then medically dripped into our drinking water.

Vaccines, including the gene-mutation therapy stabs for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), are FAR from safe and have scientifically been proven NOT to be effective in warding off COVID, or the flu, or keeping people from transmitting it once they catch it, or keeping people from getting a “bad case” of it. It’s all been a farce. A lie. A sales pitch. Propaganda. In fact, vaccines, thanks to the Fauci Flu jabs, now are responsible for more injuries and deaths per year than opioids, guns and vehicle crashes combined. What a sad state of affairs for the scamdemic front.

Then there’s canola oil, which coagulates inside the body, causing all kinds of health mayhem that’s very tough to ever undo. Canola oil is the margarine of yesteryear. According to research, canola oil makes animals obese and dumb, and fast. According to research conducted with mice, just two tablespoons of canola oil daily can cause rapid weight gain and SEVERE progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Let that sink in for a moment.

Canola oil is in almost everything processed, just take a look at the ingredients on the back of every product you pick up that’s pre-packaged and mixed, like salad dressings, baked products, frozen meals, soups, chips and deli salad mixes (think potato salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, and so on). Canola oil is the cheapest of all oils, so most restaurants use it for everything. That’s why it’s Canada’s number one export to the United States, except the Canadians themselves don’t eat it, because they know better.

The four most insidious lying slogans that brainwash consumers into consuming and injecting toxic products

#1. Fluoride “makes your teeth strong” – It’s just the opposite, as fluoridated water can lead to the weakening of enamel, especially for children during stages of tooth development. Pile on that most commercial toothpastes contain fluoride also, compounding the issue.

#2. Vaccines are always deemed “safe and effective” – It’s just the opposite, as the clot shots for Covid have proven to be experimental, dangerous, ineffective and deadly.

#3. Canola oil is “heart healthy” – It’s just the opposite, as this oil coagulates in the body like glue and can contribute to weight gain, heart disease and dementia.

#4. “Milk… it does a body good” – It’s just the opposite, as processed, homogenized milk can lead to excess mucus development and chronic inflammation, not to mention that nearly all conventional dairy contains growth hormones and antibiotics. (Buy raw milk instead.)

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