Just How Stupid Are Sen. Thom Tillis and the Rest of the Republican Establishment?

Just How Stupid Are Sen. Thom Tillis and the Rest of the Republican Establishment? by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

That is the question of the hour.

Very stupid?

Extremely stupid?

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Transcendentally stupid?


You think the party’s leadership has reached peak dumb and then – for the first and only time in history – the GOPe exceeds your expectations. You might think, in the wake of yet another couple of humiliating defeats, the Establishment would undertake a deep and searching personal inventory, but if it did that then it would not be the dumbest leadership of the dumbest party in American politics. And American politics includes the Libertarian Party.

We have three big issues right now where the GOP establishment is at a fork in the road. One path ahead is consistent with conservative principles, with the base’s inclinations, and with not being brain-dead half-wits. The other path is what the Republican elite will probably do.

Issue One is Sen. Thom Tillis’s inexplicable decision to cavort with the communists to secure amnesty and ensure the resulting chain migration of millions of people who will follow behind the illegal aliens he wants to reward for breaking our laws. Look, Tillis was never going to get confused with Stephen Hawking, but this is a remarkably dumb move even by GOP standards. It is terrible policy that directly insults the base after the party has blown two unblowable elections in a month and helps our enemies – it’s a lose-lose-lose. Perhaps he convened a council of renowned idiots to come up with an initiative that combines treating the base like Taylor Swift treats her exes with handing the enemy millions of votes while making a mockery of the rule of law. Well, the Great Idiot Council did a great job.

The Tillis Plan is actually remarkable in its comprehensive idiocy. Basically, Tillis allows millions of illegal aliens to become Democrat-voting citizens – and import their entire families – in return for the Democrats pinky-swearing that they will sort of enforce the law that is already on the books a little more than they are doing now, which is none. No wall, of course. No stepped-up deportations. Nothing but a promise from an administration that has already refused to keep its promise to enforce the law. Charlie Brown would see this football pull coming. Wimpy will be at Tillis’s door dunning the Senator for burger money for which he will happily repay him Tuesday. And then he’ll stiff him.

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