Why can’t we talk about it?

Why can’t we talk about it? by Steve Kirsch for Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter – SubStack

How are we supposed to resolve our differences if every vaccine advocate in the world refuses to have a civil discussion about it?

Executive summary

It’s stunning how the entire world is only being told one side of the narrative by the mainstream media. While we can’t change that, what we can do is to make everyone aware that nobody on the pro-vaccine side will engage in an open, public civil discussion or debate on the relevant issues. I intend to do just that through non-stop advertising all over the world.


I am writing this from Auckland Airport in New Zealand awaiting my flight back to San Francisco. I was just informed that my attempt to have a discussion about COVID policies with Michael Laws on The Platform was denied. The message I received read as follows, “He isn’t interested in having his views tested by yours.”

So effectively, I’ve been “de-platformed” by The Platform which bills itself as “New Zealand’s only independent media site giving you unbiased coverage, commentary, and opinion and the chance to have your say.” Wow.

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This is ridiculous. Enough is enough.

This isn’t about me. Everyone on our side of the narrative is denied an opportunity for an open, public discussion about any issues regarding the COVID response including mandates, masking, vaccines, early treatment, lockdowns, VAERS reporting rates that are off the charts, safety signals deliberately being ignored, trust in public health officials such as ACIP committee chair Grace Lee who doesn’t want to see the Israeli safety data, etc.

It’s time to try a new approach

It’s time for a new approach. I want to make sure that everyone realizes two things:

  1. That the mainstream media is only considering and telling one side of the narrative which means that they are essentially involved in propaganda rather than news.
  2. That NOBODY pushing the narrative is willing to be challenged about their beliefs.

So you might start to see ads in newspapers, radio, TV, online, and on billboards with headlines like:

  • Why can’t we talk about it?
  • Why doesn’t anyone on their side want to talk about it?
  • Why is it forbidden to talk about it?
  • Why are physicians threatened with loss of their jobs if they talk about it?
  • Why is it taboo to talk about it?
  • Why can’t we have a civil discussion to resolve our differences about it?
  • Why are <they> so afraid to talk about it? where <hey> is replaced by local, state, federal lawmakers, government organizations (CDC, NIH, FDA, …), local, state, federal health officials, professional organizations (AMA, CMA, IDSA, etc), infectious disease experts, medical schools, etc.

Our discussion team of experts

I’ve invited the following people to represent our side of the vaccine debate. I don’t expect everyone to accept my invitation or be available for all discussions (should they ever happen). Here’s the initial list which comprises a mixture of people who are experts on our side of the story (in no particular order):

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