Glenn Beck Shares Terrifying Dream On-Air about Moloch and Baal: ‘You Have to Start Reading the News with Spiritual Eyes!’

Glenn Beck Shares Terrifying Dream On-Air about Moloch and Baal: ‘You Have to Start Reading the News with Spiritual Eyes!’ from End Time Headlines

Humanity has been experiencing visions since the beginning of time. Dreams can and frequently do include a spiritual significance behind them. God has granted many of His faithful visions of His will and directed their actions with a vision.

God called to Abram, Daniel and Ananias in visions, each with a different purpose. John received the Revelation of Christ within the Spirit, and the centurion Cornelius was given a vision by the Lord as an answer to his prayers.

Yet the Bible also records men who were not believers, or even godly, having visions. The Pharoah of Egypt needed Joseph to interpret his dreams that bore spiritual significance for the future of Israel, and in turn the Messiah.

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Nebuchadnezzar had prophetic dreams that required Daniel to interpret for him. These and so many more are listed in the Bible as truth that the Lord has, and still does, use dreams to tell people what He wishes them to know.

Recently, radio host and author Glenn Beck shared a dream that he had experienced twice that is very relevant to the days that American Christians are living in.

Addressing the recent controversy of a luxury fashion brand sexually exploiting children in their newest campaign, Beck discusses that these occurrences in American and around the world are not normal.

The discovery that threw conservative social commentators into a frenzy this past week is the Latin to English translation of Balenciaga. Though the brand was named after its founder, Cristobal Balenciaga, many believe the name is much more than that.

When separated out, Bal enci aga means “Go to Bal Enci.” But someone found that if you add an “a” to spell out Baal, it changes the meaning of the phrase to “Baal is king.” Beck shines light on the influence that Moloch, the pagan Canaanite god of child sacrifice, has over American culture today.

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