Vax-injured Living Hell on Earth

Vax-injured Living Hell on Earth by Robert W Malone MD, MS for Who Is Robert Malone? – SubStack

US Federal Government and corporate media just do not care

Gov’t Criminally Ignoring Vax-injured Living in Hell on Earth

by Veronika Kyrylenko December 6, 2022, originally printed in the “New American”, reprinted by permission of author and editor

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Mr. Fusaro took a Covid injection for a job opportunity that required international travel at a time of tight restrictions, figuring the odds of him not getting injured were on his side. Sadly, he was wrong. After a second Pfizer shot, the man developed numerous medical conditions he had never had before, such as complete heart block, blood clots, and pericarditis, among others. He had three heart surgeries and was put on a pacemaker. Mr. Fusaro’s conditions were medically recognized as having “temporal correlation” with Covid inoculations.

Eventually, Mr. Fusaro got engaged with React19, the largest American non-profit advocating for and supporting vaccine-injured people. Recently, his group experienced a suicide crisis, the information of which was shared with the highest officials at the FDA, CDC, and NIH—and was ignored.

Mr. Fusaro shared a suicide note of a friend who went to Switzerland for an assisted suicide. In it, he described his unbearable suffering:

Despite Pfizer and government lies about these vaccines, medical gaslighting by countless incompetent doctors, I went above and beyond and tried to get medical treatment to no avail. There is no known cure for this spike-induced illness.”

This letter was also distributed to the federal healthcare agencies, but it received no response.

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