The ‘China Model’ and the WEF

The ‘China Model’ and the WEF By Scott S. Powell for American Thinker

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For decades Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) has been recruiting and cultivating corporate and political leaders from all over the world to embrace a vision and plan for a complete social, political, and economic transformation — a “Great Reset” — which is nothing short of a communist “New World Order.” This plan calls for the end of sovereign states; the end of private property and the remaking of the economy based on environmental, social, and governance rankings; the replacement of oil and gas with so-called green and sustainable sources of energy; the transformation of agricultural production; the replacement of traditional money with social credit score-linked digital currency; and the requirement of universal health passports — to name some key WEF objectives.

After the G20 meeting in Indonesia on November 15-16, 2022, WEF chairman Klaus Schwab broadcast on CGTN TV that “the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model…” For Schwab, China is the model because the totality of its social controls is what is needed to facilitate the Great Reset. So, let’s recap the main elements of the Chinese model and then examine the correlation to the WEF program.

China is a one-party state ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which now has the distinction, along with North Korea, of having the most complete totalitarian control over its people of any state in all human history. The CCP has now accomplished:

  • the near total control of peoples’ thinking and knowledge of history through state control of schools, the internet, and all media
  • the control of people’s behavior through a digital currency controlled by the state with accounts for every Chinese citizen — accounts that the government can turn off when account holder’s social credit score drops or when the account holder travels outside a zone prescribed by government
  • the control of people by requiring universal health passports
  • the control of people by way of wall-to-wall facial-recognition camera surveillance

The China model has also embraced a “zero-COVID” policy, wherein citizens have been put under virtual house arrest for months, making it impossible to even go out to buy food — all for the cause of achieving zero COVID cases. The world just got a glimpse of the powder keg that is China when the simmering grievances against this draconian zero-COVID policy erupted in unprecedented street protests all over the country on November 25, 2022, after ten people burned alive in a high-rise apartment in the city of Urumqui. These deaths were the direct result of government’s policy of enforced quarantines that that included welding apartment doors shut to prevent escape.

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