Dear Cowardly Conservative Billionaires: Emulate Elon Musk to Save Your Country

Dear Cowardly Conservative Billionaires: Emulate Elon Musk to Save Your Country by Douglas MacKinnon for Town Hall

Elon Musk is courageously showing the way.

“Courageously” because he knew full well the far-left and their lap-dogs in the media were going to come after him hammer and tongs.  And so they have.  With a vengeance.

Because of the vile and threatening pushback being directed at him, Musk himself addressed the possibility of an assassination attempt on his life.  Said the CEO in part via Twitter:

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“Frankly the risk of something bad happening to me, or even literally being shot, is quite significant…It’s not that hard to kill somebody if you wanted to, so hopefully they don’t, and fate smiles upon the situation with me and it does not happen.  There’s definitely some risk there.”

There is more than “some risk there,” and yet knowing that, Musk is not only not caving-in to the craven unethical pressure, but doubling down on what he will next release to further infuriate those corrupt elites.

To that very point, Musk just called The New York Times a “lobbying firm for far left politicians”

For years now, I have been “Johnny-one-note” warning about the increasing dangers to our nation based on the fact that the left and far-left have a strangle-hold on what I call the “five major megaphones” of our nation.  Those being: the media, academia, entertainment, science, and medicine.

A critically important subset of those megaphones being Twitter.  Until Musk came along to buy it, it served – as most of Big-Tech still does – as an anti-liberty, pro-censorship of truth and conservative thought machine the left used to do its bidding time and time again.

Like him or not, Musk is emulating some of the courageous actions taken by our Founding Fathers almost 250 years ago.  You think that’s a stretch?  I do not.

This past summer, I put out a book titled “The 56” not only praising the 56 men who signed The Declaration of Independence, but warning about the escalating attempts by the far-left to not only smear and cancel those heroic men, but cancel the 4th of July itself.

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