A Quest for Evidence of Moses, the Exodus, and Mt. Sinai: ‘A Fairy Tale or Something That Really Happened?’

A Quest for Evidence of Moses, the Exodus, and Mt. Sinai: ‘A Fairy Tale or Something That Really Happened?’ by Billy Hallowell for CBN News

A filmmaker on a mission to explore evidence backing the Old Testament has released the sixth installment in his captivating “Patterns Of Evidence” movie series.

Tim Mahoney’s “Patterns Of Evidence: Journey to Mt. Sinai, Part 1” explores physical evidence for the Exodus journey to Mt. Sinai. While some claim the biblical events never took place, Mahoney has been unpacking compelling evidence along the way.

“The Journey to Mt. Sinai is the first in a two-film investigation following the Israelites’ journey from the parting of the sea to the mountain,” a synopsis reads. “Many different mountains have been proposed as the true location of Mt. Sinai.”

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Mahoney told CBN’s Faithwire the film explores geographical, biblical, and archeological information in an effort to piece together the potential location of the mountain.

See what he had to say about the film:




Mahoney said his interest in Scripture and truth took root early on in his life when his mom would read him Bible stories. That early exposure fueled his interest and belief in the New and Old Testaments.

“People say, ‘What’s your motivation for spending so many years — 20 years — investigating this?’” he said. “But I think it goes back to … when people said that it’s not true.”

Mahoney continued, “I wanted to find out, ‘Am I believing a fairy tale, or am I believing something that really happened?’”

Thus, his journey to explore biblical evidence took form.

Over the years, the filmmaker has investigated Moses, the Red Sea, elements of the Exodus, and more. Mt. Sinai is the latest exploration — one he said is important due to the biblical activity that unfolded there. After all, it’s where God spoke to Moses and where he saw the burning bush — and it’s where Moses received the law from the Lord, among other notable happenings.

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