Seeking the Abundant Life

Seeking the Abundant Life by Chanel Abrams for CBN News

My heart was racing. I couldn’t catch my breath. My chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it. My arms were tingling and then numb. I couldn’t string two thoughts together nor could I stop them from racing from one topic to another. What was happening? I was having a panic attack—one of many that I would experience.

For years I suffered from anxiety and depression. I hid these attacks from my family and friends until one day I couldn’t hide anymore. I was riding in a car with my best friend when a panic attack struck me. She urged me to get help.

Soon after that, I entered intense therapy to deal with the mountain of issues I had stuffed over the years. It was gut-wrenching. Sometimes I came home from sessions and ended up balled up in the floor wailing from the subjects we covered. I did experience breakthroughs during therapy, but inside I knew there had to be more freedom.

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Later, I found myself in the process to become a licensed minister. I came to know that going to church alone wasn’t going to deliver me. I needed a good church, Bible study, the Holy Spirit, and a therapist. I remember saying to the Lord, “This can’t be the life and life more abundantly that Your Word speaks of” (see John 10:10). I went on to say, “Lord, please show me how to handle these attacks.” I wanted to be free and knew that it was my birthright to be just that.

As the panic attacks continued, I recall the Holy Spirit giving me instructions on how to make it through them. He gave me Scriptures like:

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