Australian doctor finds chips, ‘self-assembling’ structures forming in Pfizer vaccine contents

Australian doctor finds chips, ‘self-assembling’ structures forming in Pfizer vaccine contents by EmilyMangiaracina for Life Site News

Dr. David Nixon noted that the ‘chips,’ which seem to gather around ‘wire’ structures, appear to be the product of ‘intelligent design.’

An Australian doctor has gone public with microscopic images of unidentified objects that appear to be “self-assembling” from the contents of Pfizer’s COVID injection.

Family physician Dr. David Nixon recently shared dark field microscopy photos of “concerning” structures that appeared in Pfizer jab fluid over time and that seem to be the product of “intelligent design” in a Sunday episode of the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) co-hosted by the group’s founder, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and ex-Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon.

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Nixon showed how boxy, dark structures, similar in shape to crystals but with “internal structures that appear to be different from … a naturally occurring crystal,” appeared on the periphery of the slide’s jab contents after he left it out overnight.

Remarkably, the formation of the crystalline structures appeared to depend on their exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), according to Nixon. When he put the slide “inside a faraday bag” blocking EMFs he said came from his wireless router, he only saw black, round “dots.”

However, when he “didn’t shield the site,” only the angular, crystal-like formations “would appear the next morning.”

While discussing Nixon’s findings, Dr. Yeadon advised that further experiments were needed to ascertain if it was indeed the presence of EMFs, as opposed to other variables such as “temperature or air currents,” that affected the structures’ formation.

Other reports have been made that EMFs affect the formation of structures within the COVID jabs. Ecuador-based electrical engineer Matt Taylor testified on the Stew Peters show that when he put a drop of the COVID jab on a microscope slide and placed that slide on an internet router, he observed the self-assembly of what he believes “look like integrated circuits.”

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