The ‘Vax Everything Agenda’ Is More Than A War Upon Humanity But A War Upon God

The ‘Vax Everything Agenda’ Is More Than A War Upon Humanity But A War Upon God By Alan Barton – All News PipeLine

With Cancer’s Skyrocketing Since People Were Coerced Into Injecting The mRNA Bio-weapons

Last time we met we discussed the massive decline in human reproductive potential especially relating to the Western world – or should I say “civilized” world – through technology and poisoning of the biosphere in which we reside. Although most of that column was devoted to the environmental portions, we did mention that the mRNA bio-weapon was making dramatic increases in the loss of fertility everywhere in the world that it is forced upon people. This has only recently been investigated and we are only on the leading edge of this humanitarian disaster that threatens to eliminate our specie from this world. Today we will look at a complimentary (perhaps better stated as coexisting) threat to the world’s population that has existed for some time now but is rapidly increasing in potency and rate of diagnosis that is also being hidden by the world at large.


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The forbidden ‘C’ word, the word that is not socially acceptable to say much about without acknowledging the heroic fight being waged by the powers that be; by the pharmaceutical, medical and research establishments. The word that is so feared by the masses mainly through propaganda-like fear campaigns designed to push them into the hands of the ones that make the most money on the problem. Big Pharma most powerfully controls the treatments of cancer and refuse to acknowledge the real causes and treatments for it. Over a hundred years ago we knew of the real cause and the best treatments for cancer. Let’s take a look at that history and see what comes from that.

Way back in 1902 a Scottish doctor by the name of John Beard, a professor of embryology at Edinburgh University in Scotland, came up with the theory he called The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory of cancer that goes (briefly) like this; (Taken from the Healing Cancer Naturally web site)

All human life begins as a simple undifferentiated cell. As the zygote (i.e. the fertilized egg cell) begins to divide, the resulting majority become specialized cells i.e. muscles, bones, teeth etc. However some of the resulting cells become the placenta, which is the means by which the developing fetus is connected to the parent and by which it is supplied with nutrients.

The placental cells are the first to differentiate from the fertilized egg. These never form part of the fetus but are ultimately destined to be destroyed or rendered inert.

Trophoblast cells form the outermost layer of the placenta and their purpose is to eat a niche into the uterine wall where the fertilized egg can gain nutrition from the maternal bloodstream. The characteristics of trophoblast tissue are that it is invasive, autonomous and erodes cells with which it comes into contact. In other words it resembles the behavior of cancer cells.

If trophoblast cells possess these characteristics the question arises as to why the mother’s immune system does not regard them as foreign and attempt to destroy them.”

The article then goes on to explain basically how this is accomplished and then notes this fascinating bit; “Beard noted that trophoblast tissue begins to be destroyed after the 56th day of the normal pregnancy. This coincides with the completion of the fetal digestive tract, the onset of the fetal pancreatic function and the sudden onset of morning sickness as the first sign of the degradation of the placental trophoblast.” Please note the term used for these cells as he notes that Beard “found other trophoblastic cells lying dormant throughout the body, and he called them “germ cells“. As we age, or in a combination of other factors, the cells receive a signal that causes them to begin growing in an attempt to become trophoblast tissue. In other words cancer is essentially a normal process which happens in the wrong place at the wrong time.” These vagabond or “germ cells” today are called Stem Cells and we should understand just what is happening to understand cancer.

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