‘Push Back on Evil’: Pastors Hit Back at Drag Queen Story Hour With Their Own Library Project

‘Push Back on Evil’: Pastors Hit Back at Drag Queen Story Hour With Their Own Library Project By  for Faith Wire

With Drag Queen Story Hour continuing to pop up in locations across the U.S., two pastors are on a mission to push back with their own effort to instill a biblical worldview in children.

Dale Partridge and Michael Foster have joined forces to create Pastor Story Hour, an effort sparked after Foster started a conversation on Twitter about the need to stop complaining about Drag Queen Story Hour and to start taking action.

Partridge told CBN’s Faithwire he saw Foster write that Christians should start an alternative effort. So, Partridge promptly texted Foster about joining arms — and Pastor Story Hour became a reality.

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“I went down to the local library and I scheduled a time to do Pastor Story Hour,” Partridge said. “It happened to work out, because I just wrote a new book called, ‘Jesus and My Gender’ … a kid’s book that really amplified discussion.”

He said 15 to 20 kids showed up with their parents, calling the effort “a great experience.”

“I think the kids loved it and a lot of the parents loved it,” Partridge said.

Watch Partridge and Foster explain:

Foster invoked the biblical command to be “salt and light” while discussing his motivation for creating the movement. He also appealed to men to be more vocal on these issues.

“All Christian men should be out there leading the way,” he said. “If we don’t fill the vacuum, who’s going to fill the vacuum?”

Foster continued, “People are looking for leadership. People are looking for wholesome stuff.”

He said it took him just five minutes to go to his local library and fill out a form to request a room. And a few days later, he had around 35 kids coming to hear him read.

“It’s an opportunity for us to be out there and lead the way,” he said. “These corrupting influences are out there … because we’re not pushing back on it. This is a very simple way … to push back on evil in our day.”

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