Pro-life, pro-family conservatives actually won massive victories in the midterms

Pro-life, pro-family conservatives actually won massive victories in the midterms by Raymond Wolfe for Life Site News

Unabashed social conservatives won a string of major victories in the midterms, and Democrats’ far-left social agenda actually failed them much more than they want to admit.

A lot of blame is going around after the Republicans’ “red wave” failed to materialize in November.

One of the most common arguments is that opposition to abortion and the LGBT agenda, particularly same-sex “marriage,” made it impossible for Republicans to win, and that the GOP must “moderate” itself to compete in future elections.

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This, unsurprisingly, is standard in the mainstream media and from the radical LGBT and abortion lobbies, dedicated as they are to undermining life and the family.

It’s also cited by pathetic Republicans, often trying to mask their failures or push a subversive agenda within the party, like Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen, who blamed pro-lifers after his eight-point loss.

The midterms were mostly about “an intrusion into a person’s autonomy,” he claimed. “In the future, I think the lesson is clear — at least it should be to Republicans,” Jensen said. “If you infringe on someone’s freedom … you’ll probably lose.”

Mitch McConnell may have had something similar in mind when he argued that Republicans underperformed because they “frightened” moderates with “negativity” and “excessive attacks.” Those sentiments may have influenced his breathtaking betrayal of the conservative base this week with his tacit support of the “Respect for Marriage Act.”

Homosexual activist and Trump adviser Ric Grenell recently played on the same theme when he chastised conservative Rep. Chip Roy for opposing homosexual “marriage.” “Gay marriage is legal, Chip,” Grenell said. “In fact, your state won’t let gay conservatives attend the Texas GOP convention.”

“We win by addition not subtraction,” he insisted.

But abandoning God’s law isn’t the savvy strategy that the woke mob and their Republican enablers would make it seem – and the midterm elections actually proved it.

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