Most Christians Get This WRONG About the Serpent (Video)

Most Christians Get This WRONG About the Serpent Video by Answers In Genesis

The serpent in the Garden of Eden is a topic that just about every Christian is familiar with, but you’d be surprised how many Christians get aspects of the serpent wrong. In this video, Bodie and Rob will look at questions like these and many more: Did the serpent have legs? Was the serpent Satan? Did the serpent undergo a physical change?
0:00 – Intro
0:14 – What was the serpent’s original appearance?
2:26 – Did the serpent physically change forms after the curse?
3:54 – Did the serpent lose its legs or something else?
5:06 – Was the serpent a dinosaur?
5:38 – Did the serpent’s physical change happen immediately or over time?
6:21 – Did the change happen to just that serpent or to all serpents?
6:50 – Was the serpent Satan?
7:45 – Who was the seed or the offspring of the serpent?
8:27 – Shouldn’t Eve have been shocked that the serpent spoke?
9:24 – Why would the serpent go after Eve?
11:42 – How does the Fall in the garden affect us today?

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