Tim Tebow offers inspiring message about sharing Christian beliefs in face of criticism

Tim Tebow offers inspiring message about sharing Christian beliefs in face of criticism by Stephen Kokx for Life Site News

The former Heisman Trophy winner says it’s important to understand that God created each person for a special purpose.

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is encouraging Christians to know that God has a plan for them and that they should share their religious beliefs even though they may be criticized for it.

During a recent interview on Fox News, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner opened up to host Brian Kilmeade about the importance of trusting that our lives have “a purpose.”

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“We know life can be hard for people and there can be disappointing moments, but even in the disappointment, we can still choose to trust God. We can trust God with the pain, trust him in the disappointing moments,” he said.

Tebow, 35, was promoting his new book Mission Possible: One-Year Devotion. The book includes 2-to-5-minute readings for every day of the year.

“Number one, it’s to encourage people that they have a mission, that they’re here on purpose for a purpose,” Tebow said of the book. “It’s to encourage them that we don’t have to waste it, that we get to live it out.”

Tebow, who came under intense media backlash for expressing his Evangelical beliefs during his three-year NFL career, also said living out your faith in the face of criticism is worth it.

“When you believe you’re standing for what’s right and what is true and sustaining to try to honor God, even though all of us fall short, I still think that it’s worthy, and it’s worth it,” he said.

“We know we were created on purpose when we know there’s good things for us to do, when we can impact people, when we can love, we can serve, we can give … and that can change everything around us,” he added.

Tebow’s book includes reflections from not just him but also parents who lost loved ones and children dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

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