CBDC and the Fed’s Plan to Weaponize Money (Video)

CBDC and the Fed’s Plan to Weaponize Money Video by John Titus, Best Evidence

Ever since Agustin Carstens publicly confessed in October 2020 to lusting for the day when “central banks will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of” CBDC, BestEvidence has waited in vain for someone to credibly challenge him for the title of Scariest Fascist on Earth.
Yes, Carstens is the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements, which carries… well, it carries a lot of weight regardless of who holds that powerful global position. And yes, short of playing video clips of a wheelchair-bound Peter Sellers from Dr. Srangelove, it was going to be hard to top Carstens’ open yearning for global totalitarianism.
BestEvidence knew that much two years ago when Carstens let it all hang out. But we’re talking about central banking bureaucrats, damnit. Surely someone in a position of power, somewhere, we thought, would show his or her ass at a conference.
Well, finally, with less than a week to go before the two-year anniversary of Carstens’s CBDC True Brownshirt Confession arrived, a credible challenger indeed emerged at a CBDC seminar hosted by the International Monetary Fund.
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Bo Li, Deputy General Manager of the IMF. As you are about to see, Mr. Li—or R/Bo D/bo as he’s known throughout BestEvidence Laboratories, because that’s the only way we’ve found to cope with Bo’s clinical creepiness—‘fessed up to a monetary control fetish of the most disturbing sort.
R/Bo also drops some pretty big hints as to how central bankers plan on ensuring the widest possible usage of CBDC, even on those segments of the population that may be unwilling to go along.
Along the way, we reveal the sinister intent behind the central bankers’ happy-face “Inclusion” campaign directed at credulous FaceBook addicts.

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