23 Powerful Food Hacks and Supplement Tricks

23 Powerful Food Hacks and Supplement Tricks by TC_Luoma for T Forums

Cool Tricks to Make Your Body Healthier

A listicle of tips and food hacks to improve your health, reduce your waistline, make you live longer, and make you better at sexin’ it up.

Food Hacks For Better Livin’

Eating has gotten to be like alchemy for me. It’s no longer just about fueling my body or finding new culinary delights. It’s about transforming matter, and in this case, the matter I’m trying to transform isn’t lead (into gold) but flesh and blood. I’m biohacking my ass off to stay lean, increase muscularity, and live as long as a bristlecone pine, only with half the wrinkles.

In my quest, I’ve read a lot. I’ve mixed up various supplements, foods, compounds, and drugs. I’ve experimented with different ways to prepare food. The price I paid was the occasional upset stomach, a periodic revolt of the bowels, or maybe the occasional murder of sleep.

However, I’ve had my successes, too. I’ve stumbled onto a lot of (and even invented a few) little biohacks that I think have shown a lot of promise in achieving the aforementioned goals. At the very least, I know they’ve improved my health, reduced my waistline, and improved my performance.

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Following are a few of my favorites, along with links to articles that give more detailed descriptions:

23 Tips and Tricks

  1. Add about 5 grams (around a teaspoon) of non-dutched cocoa, or better yet, cacao 449, to your cup of coffee. It’ll bolster coffee’s cognition-enhancing effect while ameliorating the jitteriness some people experience. Plus, the cacao will lead to increased production of the erection chemical, nitric oxide.
  2. Forget chondroitin and glucosamine for achy joints. Add 50 mg. of vitamin C (or more, if it’s easier, up to 500 mg.) to a scoop of collagen (in a protein shake, for instance) to increase collagen production 100 and shore up your joints (and skin and hair). Alternately, take three to five 500-mg. glycine capsules with a vitamin C tab an hour before you work out. (Glycine is the predominant amino acid in collagen and the one thought to be the most influential in collagen synthesis.)
  3. Can’t find fresh fruits or vegetables because they’re out of season? No big deal. Frozen32 are generally better anyhow. Most of the time, they’re frozen within 48 hours of picking, which locks in flavor and, more importantly, nutrients. Contrast that with many “fresh” fruits and vegetables that might not reach your grocery store for days, weeks, or even months after harvest.
  4. If you’re over 40 or so (or have a history of early-onset heart disease in your family), have a glass of water 34 before you get out of bed in the morning. Dehydration plays a prominent role in blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks, and we’re most vulnerable in the morning when our blood is thick and sludgy like a McFlurry.
  5. When eating salads, chew 16 the hell out of the vegetables before you swallow. Here’s the thing: You’ve got bacteria in the back of your mouth that convert the nitrates in the fruits and vegetables to nitrite, which are then absorbed by the salivary glands and converted to NO by the body. You might assume that this is trivial, but up to 25% of the nitrate in circulation is absorbed through the salivary glands. Why should you care about NO? The chemical dilates blood vessels and improves circulatory function. It’s good for the heart and it makes possible an erection that an old friend of mine, a Biblical scholar, describes as being like “the forearm of Abraham, or a rung of Jacob’s ladder.”

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