OK, Who Is Getting Fired?

OK, Who Is Getting Fired? by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Somebody better get canned. Someone has to pay. Somebody important. Our culture is a disaster in large part because we have failed to hold leaders accountable when they screw up, because we have given losers a free pass and accepted excuses and therefore, accepted sub-par performance. Look at the wars since 2001 – what generals got relieved for the failure to win them promptly? And look at our military now. It’s a disaster. This goes for the GOP in the wake of last week’s fiasco.

We were supposed to win big on Election Day. The fundamentals were there – history, the bad economy, general malaise. The president is a doddering pervert and at least one of the opposing candidates was a brain-addled ogre. We were told we were going to see a red wave, maybe a red tsunami, and the red we ended up seeing was our blood on the floor. So, who in a very top position of power in the GOP – not some second-tier functionary – is getting fired because of it?

Now, I understand there are a lot of people with a piece of last week’s debacle. But this is a situation that us lawyers call “joint and several liability.” That means a lot of people are to blame and all of them own the results jointly. So when we talk about the GOP leadership, the guys and gals who accepted the job of getting it done, there’s no “What about so-and-so!” There’s no “But I was a victim of circumstances beyond my control!” There’s no excuse.

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Trump? Trump owns part of the blame to be sure – I have ticked off enough diehards and Democrat bots by saying so – but he’s not a GOP official. And he was part of the battlefield. We hired these people to solve problems, and the problem in Mar-a-Lago was no surprise.

Cheating? Let’s assume there was some. Again, not a get-out-of-termination-free card. Cheating was another thing that we hired these folks to overcome. Yeah, it was a challenge. And they took the job with the understanding that they would meet the challenge.

New voting rules? Again, not an act of God that was unforeseeable.

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