Remember the Fake Kuwaiti Babies ‘Thrown Out of Incubators’ Before Greenlighting World War III

Remember the Fake Kuwaiti Babies ‘Thrown Out of Incubators’ Before Greenlighting World War III By JASON SCOTT JONES for The Stream

GNN Note – Exactly. If what happened in Poland is not a false flag then explain why the Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne Unit from Fort Campbell was deployed to Europe within the last 2-3 weeks for the first time since World War II – More than 80 years ago. / END

So we’re told that Russia has fired missiles that hit U.S. ally Poland, and killed two civilians. Poland is invoking the NATO treaty that pledged us to its defense, and America is stumbling that much closer to a hot war with Russia. Before you join the bandwagon supporting such an apocalyptic risk, let me ask you to step back from the tidbits our media are feeding you. To think twice over whether what we’re being told is the whole truth, or the truth in any form at all.

[Shortly after this column appeared, the facts emerged about the missile that hit Poland: It was fired by Ukraine, not Russia. Is the U.S. threatening a NATO attack on Ukraine? Er, that would be a hard “no.” — The Editors.]

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Consider that we just found that the Democrats were using a cryptocurrency company to funnel American aid to Ukraine into Democratic campaign coffers, to win the recent midterms. How convenient this war has turned out to be for Joe Biden and his party. Why would they even want a negotiated peace, when our own Pentagon has celebrated the conflict as a chance to create a murderous “quagmire” for Russia, which could sap its strength for a decade — at the price of destroying Ukraine, of course.

Falling in Love with War

I’ll never forget the moment when I fell in love with war. Not when I joined the U.S. Army infantry. Not even during my training for actual combat. Real soldiers will tell you the natural anxieties they face when they’re under live fire.

No, I started my brief, torrid affair with war in late 1990, when I watched a young woman on television. She was an icon of courage, of heroic witness, who spoke out against a horrific evil committed against the innocent. She came forth to report the monstrous deeds she’d seen with her own eyes, before the U.S. Congress.

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