Music in a Time of Conformity

Music in a Time of Conformity by Steve Kirsch for Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter – SubStack

GNN Note – Remember, there’s a reason for the saying “music soothes the savage beast”. Great art should stir the imagination, create thought and make a person ask questions. Worship, praise music comes in all forms. / END

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If there were more musicians speaking out like Five Times August, it would have been more difficult for the government to convince people to take a dangerous vaccine. He’s released a new album Silent War. Can you guess what that is about? I list some of the options to support his work.

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Dr. Pierre Kory recently tweeted about Five Times August:

What is the work of an artist? If you are a millennial or zoomer, you might think that the job of an artist is to support the Progressive Establishment, especially when it controls the levers of power. Most especially when it is state sponsored. This is why it’s not so surprising to see Dave Matthews Band or Rage Against the Machine cutting taxpayer funded PSA’s promoting the vaccines, or masking, or the mandates. But let’s be clear, this is not rebellion- this is total conformity to existing elite arrangements. And their control over our lives.

Court musicians can still make good music, but they can’t make great music because great music makes you think. And no entrenched establishment wants the people to think. Thinking people always run the risk of questioning the establishment’s entrenchment.

Five Times August’s new album Silent War is great music.

Great music makes you think deeply, it makes you challenge existing arrangements, and it has to sound good too. In addition to being great, Silent War sounds.

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