A Deliverance Movement Is Spreading Like Wildfire Across America

A Deliverance Movement Is Spreading Like Wildfire Across America by Shelby Bowen for Charisma News

An incredible move of God is happening right now across America, particularly in the youth. While the enemy may be trying to stir up confusion and deception in young men and women’s identity, God is doing something miraculous.

Charisma News sat down with Pastor Vlad Savchuk who leads the HungryGen movement. The group is filled with impassioned followers of Jesus who are seeing a miraculous number of salvations, healings and deliverance. Their hearts are for the next generation to be filled with the Holy Spirit and emboldened to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Savchuks teams are going into high schools in Washington state starting ‘Unashamed’ clubs. They are ministering the gospel to students in public school every day and are seeing 10-15 students give their lives to Christ at each school daily. In our interview he shared his passion to see the future leaders, mayors, doctors and senators of America set on fire for Jesus.

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“God is raising up a young generation that is uniting with the wisdom of the old generation,” Savchuk says.

Despite what you are seeing on the mainstream media, God is moving vigorously among the youth who are burning with a zeal to see the full gospel manifest in every day life.

“Samson was anointed because he was consecrated,” Savchuk says. He feels that is what God is doing prophetically in the body of Christ in this hour. God is washing away the seeker sensitive church model and raising up people who aren’t filled with compromise. Savchuk feels this is the greatest hour on the earth, as the church is triumphant and flowing in signs and wonders. As the church is embarking into this next season, he along with many other prophetic voices believe persecution will begin to unfold to greater degrees across America.

“I believe the devil took his mask off in America,” he says. American culture used to be filled with people who turned to sexual sins or atheism but now the world has dove head first into spirituality without Christ.

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