A Nation Hangs in the Balance — What Can We Learn?

A Nation Hangs in the Balance — What Can We Learn? by Shane Idleman

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As I write this, it appears that the Democrats will retain control in the Senate. The election results were shocking and eye-opening. There is no doubt that some form of voter fraud took place — sending out millions of mail in ballots with little verification, ballot harvesting through the roof, collecting and counting ballots until you get the number you want. Regardless of fraud or not, I believe that a lot more is at play.

Even in the midst of unbelievable crime, enormous border and security issues, spending like a drunken sailor on furlough, and the approval of transgender agendas and sexual perversion being slammed down our throats, it’s crystal clear that America has jumped into the cesspool of moral filth and enjoys it. 

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We truly have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. Here’s why:

America Values Death Over Life

As California passed Prop 1, many people expressed tremendous joy over this decision, but in reality, this joy over death is a jarring spiritual indictment against America. Imagine applauding the slaughtering of the innocent.

Additionally, the overturning of Roe v. Wade caused the previously-anticipated red wave to turn into a small ripple as the votes came in. In other words, it appears that overturning Roe v. Wade was one factor that slowed the red wave. A mind-blowing 68% of single women voted for infant death in America. This offers a clear picture of the spiritual condition of our land. 

Much like the prophets in the Old Testament, now is the time to speak the truth in love and confront evil head-on. Their words were designed to cut like a sword, burn like a fire, and break like a hammer. This leads to the next point.

America Has Many Pontificators But Few Preachers

If more Christian pastors would have rallied their members to take a stand and vote for their values, we would have witnessed a significant spiritual shift. Millions of Christians don’t even vote. Defeating ungodly legislation doesn’t change hard hearts, but it does demonstrate to our Creator that life matters. 

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