A Change in Identity: Lost in LGBTQ… Found in Christ. (Video)

A Change in Identity: Lost in LGBTQ… Found in Christ. Video by Melissa Dougherty

This is the story of Becket Cook. He was a gay man in Hollywood who had quite a successful career. He gave up everything to follow Jesus. It all started with a fateful event in a coffee shop… In this video, we discuss how this happened and how he overcame common objections to what the Bible says about homosexuality. We also discuss Christians going to gay weddings, Progressive Christianity’s unbiblical (and unhelpful) stance on this topic, do’s and don’ts when someone comes out, and much more. Our goal is to talk about these topics in a loving but firm way in a culture that is hostile to a Biblical perspective on sexuality.
01:56- Becket’s story as a gay atheist who found Christ.
03:35- The turning point and the beginning of change.
43:18- Theological questions: What made Christianity appealing? Why not other religions?
45:29- The Bible is clear about homosexual behavior.
48:01- Thoughts about Matthew Vines and Progressive Christianity.
57:10- Being single… forever?!
01:01:22- Difference between being homosexual and homosexual behavior.
01:04:28- Dos and Don’ts when friends or family comes out to you.
01:09:05- Would you go to a gay wedding?
01:10:45- Becket’s advice to those who struggle with same sex attraction. (my favorite part.)

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