Officials: Potential fraud in Maricopa 2020 vote

Officials: Potential fraud in Maricopa 2020 vote by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist for Washington Examiner

GNN Note – If you’ve seen 2000 Mules there is little question, according to the video evidence, the 2020 election was covered in fraud. This is to say nothing of all the video evidence that showed election officials committing election fraud while the “count continued”.  The machines are rigged, the election officials in several, if not most, states are corrupt to the core. The media is biased to the communist/democrats.  How much more evidence is necessary? / END

Arizona’s Maricopa County, which fought claims of 2020 election irregularities, has now coughed up dozens of potential election violations and referred them to the state attorney general, who has been asking for an example of fraud for nearly two years.

Officials told Secrets that the county turned over “no less than 40” cases to Attorney General Mark Brnovich just days before the 2022 election. It was unclear how long the county has been sitting on the possible fraud cases, but some sources said the county has known about it for a year.

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In a letter shared with Secrets today, the attorney general’s office pressed the need for “timely” notifications of fraud and the need for transparency in ballot cases.

“Transparency, legal and ethical obligations, timely enforcement of the law and equal protection under the law remains the priority of this agency,” said the letter to the Maricopa County recorder.

The handfuls of referrals would not have affected the 2020 election much.

The state’s largest county fought election fraud charges ever since former President Donald Trump and allies raised them after the 2020 election. In Arizona, there was a 10,000-vote difference between winner Joe Biden and Trump out of 3.4 million ballots.

Brnovich faced intense pressure to find fraud, but he didn’t discover enough evidence to overturn the election. That disappointed Trump, who decided to endorse Blake Masters over Brnovich in the 2022 GOP Senate primaries.

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