DARPA And Friends Are Trying To Play God, Messing With The Human Genome And Nanotechnology

DARPA And Friends Are Trying To Play God, Messing With The Human Genome And Nanotechnology – COVID A Trojan Horse To Usher In The End Of America By Kathleen Gotto for All News Pipeline

– Taking A Long Look At The Vax – 5G ‘Command And Control’ Connection

Nanotechnology has been discovered in the SARS-COV-2 virus as well as the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Karen Kingston has done extensive research into Moderna’s patents on their use of nanotechnology. As more research continues in unveiling how nanotechnology may be used to affect the human genome , there is the question of whether COVID-19 vaccines or the SARS- CoV-02 virus can be triggered in some way to adversely affect the human body’s bio-electromagnetic field. For instance, could radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) frequencies emitted from cell tower transmissions be such catalysts, and if so, how and at what level?

According to experts, the healthy human body operates somewhere between 62-78 MHz with a reading of 58 MHz indicating ill health or disease. While the American Cancer Society acknowledges peoples’ health concerns about RF/MW, it draws no conclusion about cell towers and cancer, instead leaving it up to others to address.

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In a National Library of Medicine review of the effect on the human brain by mobile-phone emissions scientists “…found quantifiable effects on human BEM field. Present manuscript reviews evidences of altered brain physiology and stem cell functioning due to mobile phone/cell tower radiations, its association with increased cancer risk and explores early diagnostic value of EPI imaging in detecting EMF induced changes on human BEM.”

Research shows there are two basic effects from RF/MW radiation: thermic, which pertains to heat or temperature, and non-thermic. If the RF/MW from cell towers is, at least at this time, apparently at levels too low to adversely heat up body tissues, what are the non-thermic effects doing to humans and animals? In a report published by the International Association of Fire Fighters numerous epidemiological evidence of serious health effects were found at non-thermic levels leading to potential health hazards.

To put this in layman’s terms, current cell tower RF/MW thermal effects may not be sufficiently strong or high enough to fry humans and animals to cinders, however, that does not obviate non-thermic effects. The IAOFF report provides evidence of single- and double-strand DNA damage, increased growth of brain cancer cells, increased childhood leukemia, 2 to 4 times as many cancers in Polish soldiers exposed to RF, and many other serious findings.

To be sure, there are beneficial uses of RF. Radio frequency ablation is one of the newest pain control technique which uses radio frequency waves to interrupt brain pain signals. Also, as reported by RF Global Solutions in their article on the use of RF energy in the medical field, it is now replacing lasers in many different medical procedures.

However, there is disturbing information on RF energy and that is its connection to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The National Center for Biotechnology Center published a report on September 29, 2021 which discussed the epidemiological triad that exists in all diseases, which is agent-host-environment. Their report focuses on a possible wireless communications radiation (WCR) factor in the Wuhan, China breakout of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which correlated with their city-wide rollout of 5G cell towers. Additionally, the global spread of the virus demonstrated a statistical correlation to recently established 5G networks in global communities.

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