‘A Lie From the Pit of Hell’: Therapist Speaking Under Pseudonym Warns Against Transitioning Minors

‘A Lie From the Pit of Hell’: Therapist Speaking Under Pseudonym Warns Against Transitioning Minors By  for Faith Wire

A therapist, who chose to speak out under a pseudonym for fear of retribution, recently explained her belief that culture’s handling of transgender-identifying minors is both tragic and dangerous.

“It’s solely based upon our feelings, and I don’t know about you, but I know my own feelings change from time to time,” the therapist, Carla, recently told journalist Brandon Showalter, host of the “Generation Indoctrination” podcast. “And this is particularly true of young girls in middle school. Young people’s feelings are all over the place.”

This dynamic, mixed with problematic assumptions, is creating a crisis, she said — one based on the lie happiness and feelings are at the core of truth.

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“Happiness is always fleeting, so this is severely flawed and thinking that I can be in a constant state of happiness, but this is the construct,” Carla said, noting another assumption is that a person is his or her feelings and such feelings must always be expressed outwardly.

Listen to Carla discuss these issues:

These proclamations were made in episode four of the podcast, which documents the roots of the transgender movement and its impact on young people, in particular. Others, like Arkansas state Rep. Robin Lundstrum, issued similar warnings about the debate over transitioning minors.

“What a lie from the pit of hell.” That’s how Lundstrum framed the claim from some that children won’t face long-term harm from so-called gender transition measures.

Carla, Lundstrum, and other critics blasted the affirmation-only model that leaves no room for questions, inquiry, rational discussion, or debate — an approach impacting schools, medical institutions, and families.

Showalter also spoke with parents who often find themselves locked in legal battles over their children’s identity crises. Among those in this predicament is Florida mom January Littlejohn.

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