What Is Left of My Country?

What Is Left of My Country?

Paul Craig Roberts

I write often of the West’s disapproval of itself and its remaking in a Woke image that rejects Western civilization and  insists on the deracination of the white ethnicities that created the civilization.  When a civilization loses its belief in itself, or that belief is intentionally destroyed by poisonous ideas, and its defining values are lost, the civilization  disappears.  Geographically the land still exists, and there are people on it, but they are a different people.

When perversity is normalized and given the moral high ground while normality becomes a target, and when Make America Great Again patriots are labeled “domestic extremists” and “white supremacists,” we know that the United States of America has one foot in the grave.

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Patriotism is being redefined. The New Patriotism targets those whose patriotism is based in respect for the Constitution and love of freedom.  The New Patriotism is based in the 1619 Project and hatred of America for its alleged racist past. The New Patriots regard the values of the old patriots as values that serve white supremacy and need to be overthrown.

It is difficult to do anything about it. Even mathematics is said to be a racist tool for the suppression of people of color. Those who want a restoration of our traditional values–MAGA Americans–have been demonized and made targets for the FBI, Homeland Security, and prosecutors, and have been stripped of free speech and association.  Six hundred of them are in prison because attending a rally in support of President Trump has been turned into an insurrection against democracy.

The Democrats, security agencies, and presstitutes are successful in their coup against America, because they have stripped their opponents of their voices and their legitimacy.  The US Constitution has given way to an ideology that defines official narratives serving elite agendas as truth. All questioning of, and dissent from, official narratives is “disinformation,”  “misinformation,” and “destabilizing of society.”  

Those imposing censorship deny that they are censoring, claiming instead to be protecting the new order from the racist, colonialist old order.

In a recent article announcing his creation of a new nightly news program, Glenn Greenwald explains that the Memory Hole into which dissenting ideas and people are thrown is a creation of neoliberal billionaires, such as George Soros and Pierre Omidyar, and US, UK, and EU intelligence agencies.  He explains Big Tech’s complicity, the creation of front groups, and public financing through the US Department of State, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Pentagon, and other government and private offices of the Woke War against America.

Greenwald explains the punishments:  loss of job, loss of status and visibility, loss of access to financial payment systems, de-platforming, denial of public forums and the right to speak.  When you  realize how far this cancer has metastasized, you realize that this coup has been underway for a long time and has its hands on education, media, and almost all public and private institutions. A couple of generations have been indoctrinated with corrosive sentiments against their own country.

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