These midterm elections are the battleground for the very soul of America

These midterm elections are the battleground for the very soul of America by Fr. Michael P. Orsi for Life Site News

There are grave moral questions at play in upcoming U.S. mid-terms. Decisions we make now will affect the future. Politics matter.

I often hear complaints about “that priest down in Florida who gets involved in politics.”

Let me plead guilty to being that priest.

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Clergy are often reluctant to take a public stand on political issues. They don’t want to risk alienating members of their congregations, or they fear challenges to their churches’ tax exempt status.

My view is that religious leaders must get involved in politics. Indeed, they have an obligation to address important public questions. Elections determine who will hold temporal power in the nation — and, therefore, who gets to determine the civic atmosphere in which people attempt to live their faith.

Living by faith can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Right now, when so many stumbling blocks have been put in the way, conducting a moral, faith-filled life is a special challenge.

Politics matter because souls are at stake.

With the election just days away, permit me to note a few areas of concern that make voting important:


Young people come under the influence of teachers, programs, and instructional materials that, to put it mildly, are not committed to promoting the Christian ideal of human sexuality. On the contrary, schools today celebrate perversion, and young people are actually groomed to take part in sexual practices that are not conducive to a healthy life and human flourishing.

The influence of school board members can effect lives over generations.

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