I turned my fallopian tubes into a necklace — here’s why

I turned my fallopian tubes into a necklace — here’s why By  for NY Post

Well, that’s one way to get your tubes tied.

A 22-year-old woman has opted to get her fallopian tubes extracted from her body and she turned them into a piece of jewelry to tether around her neck.

Savannah Blouin is adamant on not wanting kids and so she underwent an salpingectomy this past July to surgically remove her tubes.

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Blouin created a necklace out of her tubes and the creation makes her feel “empowered.”

“I had my fallopian tubes [removed] because I’ve always known that I never want to have children,” she told Needtoknow.online recently.

The vegan restaurant waitress felt inspired to make a necklace following the decision to overturn the court case Roe V. Wade. The legal matter protected women’s legal right to have an abortion.

The Connecticut native posted a video on her TikTok, that has since gone viral where she showed how she preserved the “organic matter” in resin to create her neckpiece.

The post has since received over three million views and over 450,000 likes since its debut on Sept. 5.

“Although it wasn’t the original intent, I feel very empowered while wearing the necklace,” she said.

She noted how her mother was unable to keep her own fallopian tubes some 20 years prior and Blouin wanted to honor her mom’s wish to make jewelry with it.

Blouin explained how after her surgery, the pathology department of the hospital had to test them before returning them to her two weeks later.

She then went to a craft store with her tubes poised in a plastic cup, and spoke to someone “who has experience with resin and is also a bit weird.”

“The person they pointed me to was completely unfazed by the organic matter in my hands, and they were extremely helpful with my project,” she said.

After casting the tubes in resin, the influencer was able to built some neck ice with it and shared the result on social media.

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