EXPLODING the Big Bang Myth (Video)

EXPLODING the Big Bang Myth Video by Answers In Genesis

Schools worldwide teach the big bang as scientific fact when, in reality, it’s a myth at best. Scientific evidence doesn’t point to a big bang, but it does point to a young universe that an almighty God created. In this video, Dr. Terry Mortenson will address questions and topics such as:
0:00 – Intro
0:55 – The three main areas of evolution
2:04 – The two assumptions that control science today
3:00 – What is the big bang theory?
3:48 – The two assumptions of a biblical worldview
4:48 – The two broad categories of science
7:11 – What is the origin of the moon according to evolution?
10:57 – What is the origin of the solar system according to evolution?
13:37 – What is the origin of stars and galaxies according to evolution?
14:40 – What is the origin of the universe according to evolution?
17:25 – What the Bible says about astronomical origins
19:30 – How Christians who believe in the big bang are inconsistent
20:56 – God created the universe, not the big bang

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